Unlock Sustainable Living

Save Up to 40% Water and 34% Energy

And Reduce CO2 Emissions by 35%


Innovative Water Management Technology for Homes, Businesses, Sports Facilities, Hotels, and Public Institutions

SmartWater the sustainable solution

Reduce your water usage by up to 40.6%, energy consumption by 33.8%, and CO2 emissions by 34.8%, translating to substantial savings on utility bills and a lower environmental footprint.

Enjoy instant hot water with SmartWater’s innovative system, eliminating wait time and conserving gallons of water that typically go to waste.

With its plug-and-play design, SmartWater is easy to install in any setting, from homes and businesses to sports facilities and hotels, requiring no significant modifications.

SmartWater ensures a consistent hot water supply, enhancing comfort and convenience in everyday tasks like showers, handwashing, and more.

Contribute to a healthier planet by significantly reducing water and energy usage, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Leverage SmartWater’s innovative activation via mobile app or manual button, integrating seamlessly into your lifestyle for maximum efficiency.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial, educational, and public sector facilities, SmartWater meets diverse hot water needs.

By choosing SmartWater, you’re saving on your bills and contributing to conserving precious water resources for future generations.

Real Impact, Real Stories:

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Transform Your Water Use with SmartWater

Discover how SmartWater is revolutionizing water management in homes, businesses, and beyond
  • Significant Savings:
  • Reduce water and energy consumption by up to 40%, saving on costs and resources.
  • Immediate Comfort
  • Enjoy hot water without waiting, improving your daily life.
  • Positive Environmental Impact:
  • Contribute to a greener planet by reducing CO2 emissions by 35%.
Ready to Join the Water Revolution?
Discover how SmartWater can transform your facility. Complete the form to learn more and join us at the forefront of sustainability.

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Event 2024Please find us at ChangeNow 2024, the global summit for innovation in climate change!

  • Stand Location: Hall A, Stand #24, Grand Palais Éphémère, Paris.
  • Dates: March 25-27, 2024
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Additional Information

Water and Energy Wasted During Residential Shower Events:Findings from a Pilot Field Study of Hot Water Distribution Systems

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The cost-effectiveness of energy savings through water:A utility-scale assessment

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Frequently Asked Questions

SmartWater is an innovative water management technology that enables up to 40% water savings and 34% energy savings and reduces CO2 emissions by 35%, optimizing the use of hot water efficiently and sustainably.

SmartWater is compatible with most hot water systems and with an effortless installation to improve efficiency without significant modifications.

Please fill out our contact form on this page or visit us at ChangeNow 2024 for a demonstration and more information on acquisition and installation.

Absolutely. SmartWater is scalable and can be customized to meet extensive facilities’ specific needs, offering adequate water and energy savings solutions.

SmartWater users have experienced significant savings on their water and energy bills, as well as positive contributions to the environment. Visit our testimonials section for success stories.

SmartWater is low maintenance. We recommend an annual check-up to ensure optimal performance, but no regular maintenance is needed.

Yes, SmartWater is compatible with most standard plumbing systems. It integrates seamlessly without the need for extensive modifications.

By reducing water and energy consumption, SmartWater helps lower your carbon footprint and conserves vital resources, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Absolutely. SmartWater functions effectively in all water types, including complex water areas. It withstands various water conditions without compromising efficiency.

SmartWater comes with a specify period 3 years warranty covering manufacturing defects and ensuring our customers’ peace of mind.