Save Water, Energy and CO2

Final solution


A Sustainable Device

the definitive solution for efficient water control, not only in domestic environments, but also in sports facilities, businesses and large corporations, among others. With a simple click from your phone or through the activation button, you guarantee that all the water that used to be wasted until it reaches the point of use, whether in the shower, bidet, sink or even the dishwasher, is ready and waiting for you, ready to provide you with comfort and, above all, efficiency at all times.

What applications can it have?

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The savings figures Verified

by the University of Valencia.
We save a 40% minimum
  • Savings of 40% on water
  • 34% savings on all energy
  • 35% less CO2 emissions

2650 million litres per day can be SAVE

SmartWater the sustainable solution